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Lasers used today for tattoo removal come in different wavelengths. The light will target more specifically the pigments of a certain color, in order to make them “pop”. The microscopic particles that will be produced in the skin, will then be eliminated by your body. All areas of the body can be treated.

How many sessions to remove a tattoo with a laser treatment?

On average, it takes 5 to 6 sessions to remove professional tattoos, and 3 to 5 to treat amateur tattoos. An interval of 5 to 7 weeks must be respected between each session. The number of sessions depends on the amount of ink used and its depth in the skin. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes more than 10 sessions to remove a very dense tattoo.

Do all tattoos go away?

In 95% of cases the answer is yes. It is however useful to know that more than 100 types of tattoo inks exist in the world. No regulations exist to accredit the quality of artistic tattoo inks (unlike medical inks used for dermopigmentation).

Here is what can make tattoo removal easier or more difficult:

It is more difficult to remove tattoos:

  • polychrome (with many colors)
  • based on yellow or green ink, or even which have mixtures of light colors
  • on black, dark, or ethnic skin
  • so-called “traumatic” tattoos where the implantation of colored particles is too deep in the skin

Easily removed, tattoos:

  • monochrome (one color)
  • artistic in black or blue inks, and amateur, traditional and ritual tattoos
  • consisting of red colors
  • on light skin
  • made in Indian ink or charcoal.

Side effects and dangers of laser tattoo removal

Usually, apart from the moderate pain during the treatment, small drops of blood will be seen in the treated area immediately after the session.

Tattoo removal can be painful for some. We do not all have the same tolerance and sensitivity to pain. If you are in doubt, it is possible to apply an anesthetic cream (such as EMLA cream) between 1 and 2 hours BEFORE the session.

After the session, it is quite possible to have feelings of heating or burning. However, this sensation will only last a few hours in the vast majority of cases.


Avoid treating the skin:

  • with current dermatological problems: acne, eczemas, dermatoses, etc.
  • too tanned
  • tattooed for less than 2 months.

Tattoo removal should not be done when you are pregnant.


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