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Photo-rejuvenation is a technique using pulsed light (IPL = Intense Pulsed Light) or flash light. It helps give a more youthful appearance to the skin of the face, neck, décolleté or hands.

Skin rejuvenation method

There are three main effects obtained: the reduction of sun brown spots, that of red spots and small blood vessels, and finally the improvement of the texture of the skin (thicker, more toned, smoother and younger).

Even skin tone and skin radiance are also improved because the pulsed light helps the skin to remove small deposits of brown pigments (melanin pigment) that accumulate with age and make the complexion dull.

Pulsed light indications

The general appearance of a skin that begins to age is above all linked to the harmful and cumulative effects of repeated sun exposure. UV rays denature components of the skin, including collagen and elastin. The skin loses its thickness, its firmness and especially its elasticity.

Progress of intense pulsed light sessions

Several sessions are necessary to improve the skin and the complexion. They will allow the progressive stimulation of natural collagen, leaving the epidermis intact and allowing the resumption of usual activities immediately after the session, without additional precaution.

The different flash lights concerned are used alternately from one session to another and the order of their use depends on the appearance of the skin and the type and depth of the lesions (red spots, brown spots, parchment or sagging skin…).

By passing through the epidermis without damaging it, the light creates heat in the dermis acting on three particularly interesting targets for skin rejuvenation:

  • capillaries, to reduce redness and red spots
  • melanin pigments, to erase dark spots and unify the complexion
  • fibroblasts, cells that produce new natural collagen, and collagen itself by promoting its contraction, which will firm the skin.

Maintenance of results

The results obtained are long-lasting, especially if you take care of your skin (UV protection, hydration, etc.). In our opinion, to keep the effect obtained, it is good to repeat a session every 2-3 years.

Disadvantages of photo-rejuvenation

Redness appears just after the session but disappears within a few hours.

The treated brown spots will darken, especially after the first session, for a few days. Sometimes a very thin crust can form just over the area of ​​the brown spots. It will be eliminated in 5 to 6 days.

What are the risks with pulsed lights and flash lamps?

There are few risks during such treatments. However, the energies used are high and a burn is always possible if the device is set to too high a power.

You should absolutely avoid tanning during this treatment. A tanned skin will capture the heat of the light flash and can then heat up too much and be depigmented.

Duration of the intervention

A photo-rejuvenation session usually lasts from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. It is recommended to do three sessions a month apart.


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