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We are all looking for the solution to get rid of our hair growth on certain parts of our body.

Permanent laser hair removal is the solution that provides a safe and lasting solution to hair problems.

The hair removal laser used at the Hair and Face Clinic is a latest generation diode laser offering permanent hair removal safely and without pain.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal aims to destroy the hair bulb. A laser is a device that emits a very special light because it consists of a single wavelength. Thus, a pigmented hair represents a brown or black target. Once absorbed, light is transformed into heat. This will destroy the hair bulb and ensure the phenomenon of lasting hair removal.

The target of the laser is therefore not really the bulb but the pigment which gives it its brown color.

There are two essential consequences: on the one hand, if the dark hairs can be effectively destroyed, the laser does not operate on non-pigmented hairs, such as white, blond or red hairs … In addition, the light of the laser will not differentiate between the melanin pigment of the bulb and that present in abundance in the epidermis of pigmented skin (naturally pigmented, or following a tan).

This touches on the two limits of hair removal lasers: only dark hairs can be treated effectively, and only fair skin can be treated without risks.

How many sessions are needed?

The laser can only destroy dark hairs when they are in the growth phase (anagen phase). So the resting, non-pigmented hair bulbs that have escaped the action of the laser will gradually activate and give birth to new hairs.

Hair removal will therefore persist for a few weeks, before regrowth appears: a new laser session will then be necessary.

It will again be followed by a depilation phase, then a new regrowth, less important than the previous one, however.

In fact, as the sessions are repeated, the regrowth will be more and more discreet.

The number of sessions required depends on several factors such as the type of skin, its color and that of the hair, as well as of course and the physiology of each person. On average we have 6 to 8 sessions for the body and 6 to 10 sessions for the face where the hair is hormone-dependent.

What is the optimal pace of the sessions?

As we have seen, a laser treatment destroys, in a way, a generation of hair bulbs. It is therefore necessary to wait for new hairs to appear before considering a new session. However, this time is very variable depending on the region, much faster in the face, slower in the limbs and depends on the patients. On average, the duration between 2 sessions is 1 to 2 months.

Is the laser effective for everyone and everywhere?

Permanent laser hair removal is intended for both women and men and is possible for all areas of the body for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes (ingrown hairs, folliculitis, etc.).

Dark skin requires special precautions as well as suitable laser adjustment, there is still a risk of depigmentation. In order to ensure optimal safety, your skin will be carefully examined during your first consultation by a member of our team.

White hairs and down completely devoid of melanin cannot be removed by current lasers. Red hairs are also more difficult to eradicate.

Is the laser painful?

The pain experienced during sessions with the old lasers corresponded to that experienced during conventional waxing.

With the diode laser with scanning technique, this pain is markedly reduced or sometimes even non-existent.

Applying an anesthetic cream 1 hour before will further reduce this pain.

In case of very sensitive areas such as the bikini area, taking Dafalgan 1g 1 hour before can also be recommended.

Are there any contraindications?

Yes. Tanned skin cannot be depilated at the risk of causing burns. The taking of certain drugs such as roaccutane, as well as certain skin diseases such as acne, infection or vitiligo are contraindications to treatment.

What are the risks and side effects?

Most of the side effects are mild.

Normally, the sessions are followed by a simple redness of the skin which disappears as much as possible the next day. In rare cases, the redness, slight swelling, or a few scabs may persist for a day or two.

In summary:

  • Duration of treatment: 15 min to 1h30 depending on the treated area
  • Number of sessions: from 5 to 10 sessions depending on the type of hair, the color of the skin and the treated area
  • Duration between 2 sessions: at the beginning 1 month, then 2 months
  • Sun exposure to be avoided 4 weeks after treatment
  • Treatment cannot be done on tanned skin
  • Redness of the skin is normal after treatment
  • In rarer cases, a slight edema or some scabs may persist for a few days.
  • 1g of dafalgan can be taken 30 min to 1 hour before the treatment and an anesthetic cream can be applied 1 hour before the treatment to reduce the pain
  • Do not wax during the entire treatment, shave or cut flush 2 days before the session


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