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The Fagron Trichotest ™ offers:

→ Genetic analysis

48 genetic variations linked to alopecia, within 16 genes, are analyzed.

→ Exclusive medical device

The Fagron TrichoTest ™ is an exclusive medical device that only allows the doctor or specialist to offer individualized treatment for alopecia.

→ Personalized treatment

The most effective formulas are generated by a scientifically based algorithm, based on the analysis of DNA and extrinsic factors.

→ Optimized dosage

You will get an overview of the most ideal dose based on the patient’s metabolism.

→ No interaction

the algorithm takes into account the history of drugs from the medical history to minimize the risk of drug interactions.

→ Specialized support

You will gain an in-depth understanding of your patient’s genetic characteristics and how they relate to alopecia.

→ Advanced technology

The genetic test is based on microarray technology with 99% reliability.

→ A once in a lifetime test

Genetic factors do not change over the course of your patient’s life.

What do we analyze?

Genetic factory

The Fagron TrichoTest ™ includes an oral swab to analyze 48 genetic variations linked to alopecia. 

Patient history

Extrinsic factors such as medications, medical conditions, state of mind, physical activity, habits and family history are also taken into account through an online history. 

A unique treatment

By integrating the combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors into the way you usually work, your patient will receive the most comprehensive treatment for alopecia.

Where to find the Fagron TrichoTest ™ and how does it work?

TrichoTest Fagron

The DNA sample is taken with a buccal swab. It is not painful and only takes 30 seconds.

TrichoTest Fagron

Your doctor will discuss a corresponding questionnaire with you.

TrichoTest Fagron

The DNA sample will be examined, after your explicit consent, in a certified laboratory.

TrichoTest Fagron

After 4-5 weeks, you will be invited to your doctor to discuss the results.

TrichoTest Fagron

Your pharmacist will prepare a personalized quality treatment. Use the treatment as prescribed.


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