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Semi permanent make-up


Powder Brow (also called shading, powdered or ombré) is a dermopigmentation technique that allows you to get powdered, denser, fuller and better-drawn eyebrows as if you had applied a pencil and blurred it.

This gives a very natural filling effect to your eyebrows, which structures your look and beautifies your face.

This is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that uses microneedles to direct micropigments into the superficial layers of the skin.
This technique is for everyone and can be done after any other type of semi-permanent makeup.

Like any dermopigmentation treatment, powder brows require 2 sessions. The first is used  to draw the eyebrow and the second, which is done 3 to 4 weeks later, allows you to re-pigment the areas for a longer-lasting effect.

Dermapigmentation lasts longer than microblading (semi-permanent tattooing technique where the incision is made with a blade) and is much more regular.
All micropigments are at the same depth, which is more uncertain with microblading.

Powder Brow gives a more natural and longer-lasting result. It is also much less painful.

The color will gradually fade over the years. To maintain the color, a touch-up is required every 12-18 months.

The first session of eyebrow dermopigmentation lasts 2 hours. During this session, the drawing is made according to your wishes and the color that suits you best is chosen.

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