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Breast augmentation by prosthesis

The placement of breast implants is a surgical procedure that aims to increase the size of the breasts. This technique is indicated for the treatment of breast hypoplasia, which results in insufficient breast development in women. This breast hypoplasia can be the result of moderate development of the breast at puberty, loss of breast volume following pregnancy, significant weight loss or even a hormonal disturbance.

In certain cases, the installation of breast prostheses can be supplemented by a cure of breast ptosis to perfect the result (mastopexy).The widely used breast augmentation procedure involves inserting implants to increase the volume of the breast.

The size, shape and texture of breast prostheses as well as their positioning, in front of or behind the pectoral muscles and the location of the skin incisions (scars) either by areolar, axillary or submammary route will be determined during the consultation.

Breast augmentation by breast prosthesis is performed in the operating room, under general anesthesia and in day hospitalization. This cosmetic surgery lasts an average of 2 hours.

Chirurgie des seins
Chirurgie des seins

Breast augmentation with prosthesis or fat

Breast lipofilling involves the reinjection of own fat into the breasts to increase breast volume. It is a natural breast augmentation method, without breast prostheses, therefore breast augmentation without surgery.

With breast lipofilling you can gain a cup size by means of a breast lipostructure (i.e. the injection of fat removed on your body).

If you want breast enlargement of more than 1 cup size, lipofilling is insufficient and breast augmentation with implant placement may be a better solution.

Breast ptosis, breast lift (mastopexy)

The purpose of breast lift or breast ptosis cure is to straighten drooping breasts. Indeed, over time, and for multiple reasons such as pregnancy, weight loss or even a hormonal disturbance, the chest tends to empty, the skin to relax.

This surgical facelift will allow the chest to regain its shape by removing excess skin, condensing the mammary gland and lifting the areola and nipple. The breast ptosis treatment can be combined with the placement of breast implants or a lipofilling of the breasts to further harmonize the silhouette.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction plasty is a surgical procedure that allows the enlargement and reduction of the volume of enlarged breasts by removing excess skin and the mammary gland.

The position of the areola and the nipple was raised by the intervention.

Réduction mammaire
Chirurgie des seins

Breast reconstruction

Breast malformation

The tuberous breast is a malformation of the breast whose origin is unknown. Tuberous breast surgery will restore a natural shape to the breast.

This intervention is performed in the operating room, under general anesthesia and in hospital.


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