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The wisdom teeth are the third molars. It may happen that there is not enough space in the jaws so that these teeth can come out completely in the mouth. They cannot then take abnormal orientations, cause pain or inflammation, cyst formation or infections. The extraction of wisdom teeth is then indicated and it is called “therapeutic extractions”.

In some cases, it is recommended to extract these wisdom teeth in a preventive way to avoid these potential problems or to prevent these teeth, which start to go out and take an abnormal orientation, to move the other teeth and cause crooked teeth (especially after orthodontic treatment).

Often your dentist or orthodontist will have made the diagnosis that your wisdom teeth needed to removed and then refer you to your surgeon to perform this act.

At the first consultation with Dr. Oth, he will assess the situation and if necessary, the extraction of wisdom teeth will be programmed under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia.

Please always bring at the first consultation, your doctor’s or dentist’s letter and all the X-rays already made.

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