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With aging, the face sags due to the reduction or disappearance of the fat under skin causing tissue relaxation.

The purpose of tensor threads is to fight against this physiological phenomenon.

The tensor threads therefore make it possible to replace the volumes of fat in their initial position in order to restore the oval of the face, blur nasolabial folds, bitterness folds, jowls and to recreate cheekbones.

Who are they for?

This technique is aimed at both women and men, young and old who are looking to:

  • reduce nasolabial folds, bitterness folds and lower eyelid wrinkles
  • reposition the cheekbones
  • redraw the oval of the face
  • eyebrow lift
  • smooth the skin of the neck

This without resorting to a surgical intervention, the current unique technique of facelift without scars and without the inconvenience of surgery.

Fils tenseurs

How does the intervention work?

The procedure does not require any incision, the skin penetration of the threads is achieved using a needle.

The threads attach to the skin tissue and create tension in the desired direction, allowing a tightening effect.

The practitioner will perform local anesthesia in the areas to be treated which makes this treatment practically painless.

The treatment takes between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the number of threads to be laid.

Are there any side effects?

Some side effects may occur, including the presence of bruising or swelling in the areas where the threads are implanted, or infection of an entry orifice or output of the threads.

An anti-edematous and anti-infective treatment will be prescribed as a preventive measure.

You might also come to observe sensations of pulling and / or tingling on the days following.

What should I pay attention to following this procedure?

You can resume a normal social life very quickly without any contraindication. However, it takes several days for the skin to regain a soft and natural appearance. 

When will I see the results and for how long?

The result is immediate after the intervention, but the remodeling continues for 4 weeks and the final result is seen one month after the procedure. The effects of the method are currently evaluated at a little over 18 months.

If you want natural rejuvenation without surgery and want to regain a luminous face with an oval that is anew revealed while keeping your expressions, the tensor threads will meet your expectations.


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