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Semi-permanent lip makeup

Semi-permanent lip makeup provides a naturally redesigned and beautified mouth.

Here is the answer to all your questions.


Semi-permanent lip make-up is a technique in which pigments are injected into the superficial layers of the skin with a very fine needle. It emphasizes and corrects the contour by correcting asymmetries. It is also possible to color the lips in varying degrees of intensity.


To all women! If you feel that your lips are too thin or pale, semi-permanent makeup is a good solution to enhance them without transforming them too much, unlike hyaluronic acid injections that alter their volume.

If you like your lips the way they are, but want to enhance them, semi-permanent makeup is for you!


Like any semi-permanent makeup, the session is not particularly pleasant. The lips are highly innervated mucous membranes, it can be more painful than semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. Rest assured, it is quite tolerable and the use of anesthetics is not essential.


The Hair and Face Clinic offers two semi-permanent lip make-up techniques based on your expectations and the nature of your lips:

The degraded contour: the contour is redrawn with a pigment of the same shade as your lips. This sharpens the outline and corrects any asymmetries, then follows a slight inward gradient to the lips to subtly color them.

Fill: The outline is redrawn in the same way but the inside of the lips is also colored. The result is subtle and gives an ideal “makeup” effect if you don’t want to put on lipstick every day!


The session starts with a consultation where you can explain the color, intensity and style you want to achieve. Next, the specialist will start by combining different shades of pigments based on the natural color of your lips.

She then draws the desired shape with a lip liner: you can look at the work in a mirror and see if you like the shape. A numbing cream is then applied and the treatment can begin.

The session lasts about 2h30 and – at the end of the appointment – your lips will be slightly swollen and dark. Don’t worry, the color will fade by 30 to 50% in the hours and days that follow.


After 10 days, your lips are completely healed. For the 24 hours after your session, apply a few ice cubes to your mouth to reduce swelling.

Keep your lips clean and apply a nourishing and moisturizing balm if necessary.

Avoid intense exercise, kissing, spicy food, and lipstick until your lips are completely healed.


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