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What is Trichopigmentation  ? 

Hair micro-pigmentation or trichopigmentation is a non-surgical solution for hair loss.Using a tattoo machine, an organic pigment is introduced into the skin to simulate the hair or beard. 


This technique can be used to create a shaved look or to add density. 

For who? 

This treatment is suitable for him, her and them. 

  • With complete baldness
  • Hair loss on the crown
  • For alopecic wounds and scars
  • After transplantation to fill empty holes
  • In case of hair loss for more density

What is Trichopigmentation NOT? 

This treatment is NOT a hair transplant, no hair will grow.

This treatment is ideal for people who are not eligible for a transplant.

People who want a shaved look or want to create extra density on top of existing hair. 

Technical informations

Hair pigmentation requires a separate technical knowledge that is NOT comparable to tattooing or permanent makeup.

Unlike conventional tattoos, a different needle, pigment and technique are used. During tattooing, the pigment is always brought into the 2nd skin layer, namely the dermis. This skin layer is divided into the upper papillary layer and the lower reticular layer.

With conventional tattoos, permanent ink is placed in the lower reticular layer, so that your tattoo remains visible at all times.

At HFC, we use an organic pigment that we place in the upper papillary layer. This ensures that we get both a detailed and transparent result, but also a natural one. We only use carbon based pigments to avoid fading.

How many treatments are needed?

We usually count on 3-4 treatments. After each treatment, you get closer to the desired result.

Keep in mind that it takes a few weeks for your skin to fully absorb the pigment. We therefore leave 2 to 4 weeks between two treatments before re-pigmentation.

Post-operative follow-up

First 3 days

  • Lubricate the treated scalp with a cream recommended by the practitioner
  • Touch the treated scalp as little as possible
  • Do not shave the scalp
  • Do not cover the treated scalp with tight or soiled clothing.
  • Do not cover the treated scalp with dressings or bandages
  • Avoid direct sunlight, (bubble) baths, swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms.
  • Do not wet the scalp

After the first 3 days

You can shower and wash your hair again.

For the next 7 days, it is best to avoid

  • direct sunlight,
  • (bubble) baths,
  • swimming pools,
  • saunas
  • and steam rooms.


A treatment consists of at least 3 sessions of approximately 3 to 4 hours per session.

In order to determine the exact price and discuss other aspects of the treatment, it is necessary to schedule a non-binding consultation. At this meeting we will discuss your eligibility, the total duration of treatment and questions may be asked about the procedure itself.

An appointment can also be made for a patch test if you are sensitive to allergic reactions. Not allergic? Then, we make an appointment for the first session.

The total price depends on the number of areas to be treated. See our price list for pricing.

It is important to know that these pigments fade after a while. In order to maintain your close-shaved effect, a touch-up will be necessary in the long term.

When it will be necessary varies from person to person and according to lifestyle. Maybe after 2 years but for some people it can also be after 5 years.


Les photos présentes sur ce site sont des photos illustratives et ne sont pas les résultats d’interventions pratiquées au sein du centre.  Malgré que l'on trouve des photos de résultats sur beaucoup de sites internet, leur présence est condamnée par l'Ordre des Médecins en Belgique, raison pour laquelle vous n'en verrez pas ici. Par contre, lors de la consultation, de très nombreuses photos vous seront montrées, vous permettant de juger la qualité du travail accompli.