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Sylvie Buydens

Graduated in nursing in 1997 at the Institute of 2 Alice in Uccle, she immediately signed her first contract as a night nurse as a psychiatrist in the addiction unit for more than 15 years.

In 2014, wanting to change direction, she decided to start as a freelancer in home care where she would practice on her own because she wanted to take time with each of her patients, which would greatly enrich her.

At the same time, she is hired as a responsible sampler in a laboratory where she currently still works every morning.

The covid period having been difficult, she comes to a turning point in her career, which is why she decides to apply to the clinic, when she will join the team. She will be trained fairly quickly in aesthetic dermatological care and hair pathologies with Dr. Vujovic and his 2 nursing colleagues.



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